• Parish Mission with Fr. Albert Haase, OFM
      Over 3 nights, Fr. Albert Haase, OFM, will lead us in a parish mission entitled SIGNED AND SEALED WITH THE CROSS. We will explore the identity of our God proclaimed in the ancient gesture of being signed with a cross. We will also explore the challenges and responsibilities we accept when we seal our lives with the sign of our salvation.

      Fr. Albert will preach all the masses at St. Anthony on the weekend of November 8th & 9th and will have 3 evening mission sessions on:
      - Sunday Nov. 9th at 7PM
      - Monday Nov. 10th at 7PM
      - Tuesday Nov. 11th at 7PM
      Ordained a Franciscan priest in 1983, Albert Haase, OFM, is a popular preacher, teacher, spiritual director and radio personality. A former missionary to mainland China for over eleven years, he is the author of eight books on popular spirituality. He trains spiritual directors in the diocese of Springfield IL. He is also the co-host of Spirit and Life, a radio show heard every weekend on the Relevant Radio Network. He resides in Texas. Visit his website at www.AlbertOFM.org
      Introduction to Fr. Albert Haase, OFM
    • Catholics Come Home
      Have you been away from the Catholic Church or do you want to know more about the Catholic faith, then this video is for you.

      Welcome to Catholics Come Home. We’re here to help you begin or continue your faith journey, so you can find true peace, happiness and purpose in life.

      At Catholics Come Home, we are dedicated to presenting the honest truth about even very difficult subjects. We want to share with you the beautiful, historical and miraculous aspects of the Catholic Church. People who have taken the time to explore our site are surprised to find out that there is much more to Catholicism than they ever realized.

      Our Catholic faith is the largest Christian family in the world. Our Church is a vibrant and growing family, but we miss our brothers and sisters who have not been to Mass lately.

      God loves you so much that He will not stop searching for you, reaching out to you, seeking you.

      Saint Augustine, a convert to the faith at age 33, once said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” Jesus wants to invite you back into His big, warm and loving Catholic family in the Church He founded 2,000 years ago. He’s calling you home, but the choice is yours…

      We are family. We’ve missed you. Welcome home!

    • Day Care - MDO

      The St. Anthony's Learning and Play Station (Day Care and Mother's Day Out) is a licensed nonprofit organization that is part of the social ministry of St. Anthony Catholic Church. Our center provides quality care for children ages infant through 5 years of age.  Our Part-Day Program meets Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  You may choose a two, three, or five days a week program. For added convenience, you may also choose the days of the week your child will attend our program.  Our Full-Day Program meets Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  A complete listing of start dates and holidays may be found in the LaPS calendar.

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    • Welcome
      Welcome! to St. Anthony Catholic Church. We are a Catholic community of approximately 680 families located near the historical district of Bryan, Texas. We have a very active religious education program for children and adults as well as a Day Care & Mother’s Day Out program. Additionally, we have a strong outreach ministry assisting the less fortunate in our community. Our patron saint, St. Anthony of Padua, states best the philosophy of the St. Anthony family, “The saints are like the stars. In his providence Christ conceals them in a hidden place that they may not shine before others when they might wish to do so. Yet they are always ready to exchange the quiet of contemplation for the works of mercy as soon as they perceive in their heart the invitation of Christ.” We welcome you to come and visit us at St. Anthony and see for yourself the hidden treasure of saints working for Christ.
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